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Thursday, December 21, 2006
bhagam_bhag_122006_news.jpg New Delhi, Dec 20: Comedy is Priyadarshan's forte and he is ending the year on a lighter note with his romantic comedy "Bhagam Bhag", which releases Friday.

The film is also a comeback vehicle of Bollywood's funny man Govinda who quit acting to pursue a career in politics. However, his stint with politics was a damp squib and he is now determined to resurrect his acting prowess.

Govinda and Akshay Kumar will be seen together for the first time and they hope to elicit a great deal of laughter among audiences with their antics. In fact, their pairing is the USP of the film as both of them have proven their skill in playing comic roles several times earlier.

The film is centred on Paresh Rawal and his theatre group, which performs all over the country. Akshay Kumar and Govinda, part of the troupe, are mischievous, flirtatious and never miss an opportunity to make playful romantic overtures.

The film takes an interesting turn when a show organiser offers Paresh's group to do 30 shows in Britain. Everybody is excited, but the day they have to leave, the heroine opts out due to Akshay's misbehaviour.

Govinda and Akshay try to find a replacement with the help of Rajpal Yadav, a taxi driver, but it only leads to misunderstandings and a series of funny sequences.

After lots of twists and turns, Govinda and Akshay find themselves involved with a drug baron.

Amidst all this drama they meet Lara Dutta, who suffers from amnesia. She agrees to act in their drama. And just as Akshay and Lara fall in love, her memory returns and leads to confusion and chaos, including a murder.

Co-produced by Suniel Shetty, "Bhagam Bhag" will be a respite from gritty dramas - "Kabul Express" and ""Dil Se Pooch... Kidhar Jaana Hai" - released last week.



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