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Sunday, October 31, 2010
I am uploading some of the Gmat test papers which i used in my Gmat preparation and it really helped in come out in flying colors.It will be useful to you also.Just don't treat them like crap.Trust me!It will give you a huge boost into your Gmat score especially if you are aiming for 700+.They are real Gmat Papers,so use them to the fullest.
Download Links:
Upload To 
File Serve
Sunday, October 24, 2010
Fallout New Vegas is  a Role Playing Action Game Released By Obsidian Entertainment,the same Guys  Behind the makings of Fallout 1 & 2.Releases in U.S on OCtober 19th & Europe on 22Nd.This is not a sequel to Fallout 3,but more like a parallel time  period same set almost 3 years after the events of Fallout 3.

System Requirements:
Platform:Windows Xp,Vista or WIn7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz
Ram: 2Gb
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series or ATI 1300XT or higher.
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB

Mediafire Download Links:  Download Fallout New Vegas Mediafire
Rar Password:www.netkingvn.com
Skidrow Crack: Download 

As I Had mentioned here regarding a fix for Google Indexing Issue,its working for me positively.I checked it & my blog was once again Getting Indexed.Finally after 5 days of no Indexing,My blog is once again showing up in the Searches.No Thanks to Google Though!
A lot of people have been claiming that there is a temporary fix available for the recent Google SEO bug which is not Indexing Wordpress & Blogger Sites.They say that the temporary fix will be remove the Canonical Url's from the Blogger template.You can do that by Going into Design>> Edit Html & then Remove the b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’ and give it a try.Works For ME.Things Are Back To Normal For me now

Saturday, October 23, 2010
My Posts Usually Gets Indexed in a matter of seconds,but lately its not even coming up in the SEO searches.I remember Blogger was undergoing an Image Maintenance,but ever since then,eventhough Google Bots are crawling my sites none of my posts are getting Indexed.This issue seems to be widespread with more & more people complaining about this issue with each passing day.
                                                                         My traffic has suffered a heavy blow right now.And I was wondering when is Google going to Fix this Issue? 
Too many hackers + A.I Game = Ultimate Dinar making Opportunity.Although the ZOmbie mode seems to be a blessing for players who use the aid of hacks,they better be careful as the Admin's are patrolling the Rooms more closely and vigilantly maintaining a quiet profile.They seem to take more interest in the locked Rooms.Eventhough certain hacks may have the Admin warning enabled,it may not save your ass always.So if you are using hacks,be on the lookout for Admins who will try to crash the  party.Its not worth to loose your Arsenals.Try to play without Hacks for sometime.Its better to be Safe,Than to be Sorry!
Friday, October 22, 2010
1)Noisanet Public Hack 23.10.2010:

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2)Crazy Warrock D3D Public hack(Charms,Level,Slots & More):
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3)OnlinePVP hack Updated 23.10.2010 :Public Hacks + Teleport

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If you are thinking about making around 50 Dinars/Minute in Warrock then there is trick for it using a Bot.All you have to do is :
  • Log In To Warrock Game
  •  Start A Game In The A.I Mode.
  • Start the Bot Provided.You can get if from here.Password For Rar File is 74Büny74
  • Start the First Round and then Go AFK.
 How To Do This:
                                   Start a new Round in the Zombie Mode & go AFK.You will kill the Zombie's due to this Bot & you will earn 50 Dinars every Minute(No Exp though).That way you can earn upto 3000 Dinars every hour.Sounds Nice Right?

Do's & DOnt's:
  • This is a No-Menu Bot,can be seen only in the taskbar
  • Never Minimise or CLose Warrock
  • Never Move the Mouse when the Round is Over.
Connecting the Bot:
1. Ability: Task Bar -> right click on the program -> Exit
2. Option: click F1!

Possible Bugs 
1.May not Start the First Round.
2.Delay of 5-10 Seconds in starting a New Round. 

Download Links:
Rar Password: 74Büny74 
1)Nero D3D Public Hack 22.10.2010
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Download :Mediafire 
Today was no exception.I am becoming more and more enraged with Irctc with each passing date.WHY THE HELL CANT THEY INCREASE THEIR STUPID BANDWIDTH???After making payments on 3 occasions the browser rendered the Service Unavailable error twice,although the Bank approved the transaction yet the ticket wasn't booked.Once it just stuck with some encrypted texts in the address bar.Had to send my brother as backup to the Booking Station.Man the issue is becoming more & more worse and it takes 3 or 4 days for them to send the money back to my bank account.Everytime they are deducting multiple transactions from my bank account & I don't want to give away my hard-earned money just like that.Try some other way to Extort money from us Irctc.If you can't give proper service then either PACK UP YOUR WEBSITE OR DELEGATE THE AUTHORITY TO OTHER BOOKING SITES WITH FULL PRIVILEGES.
Thursday, October 21, 2010
Wonder Whats wrong with google.Ever since their Image Maintenance,none of my posts are getting Indexed by google.I wonder whats happening here.Not only me but also other Bloggers are facing this problem.Guess the only way people can come to know about any Blogger posts 0r News is by referring to their Feeds or social sites.Dammit Google!What did you do this time around?
If you wanna grab hold of the latest Arsenals of Warrock then all you need to do is Log into Warrock to Participate.Thats right!GamersFirst & Playspan is one again joining hands to give you the ultimate Warrock products for free.Every week you guys  can win amazing prizes which may vary from Ultimate points to Arsenals till November 10th.The following are the Give away materials as the prize:
  • Ultimate Points
  • Free G1 Credits
  • AW50F
  • XM8
  • Barrett M82N
  • PSG-1 20-B(A.I)
  • Glock 17
  • Bizon 
                                                       You may randomly get any of the above prizes & the best thing is that it will be for 30 days.Also same person has the chance of winning more than once,so why let it go off this oportunity?
                      Like I said just Log-in to warrock & participate.The Winners will be Intimated Via Mail & also the List will be publushed @ the Warrock Forums.Easy Isn't IT?
Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Getting Bugged due to the Pop-ups that are jumping up your screen when you Click on the Click Here to Download @Mediafire Website?You can avoid the pop-Up if you have Internet Download Manager Installed in your Mozilla firefox.Next what you gonna do it Rick click the download link & select download with IDM.Then you can download your file & no need to worry about the stupid pop-up's.Njoy!!!!!!!!!
Must say that I'm pretty impressed with the new map.Add's a Resident Evil touch to the game & the Overall review of this new map has been positive.Though it can get monotonous @ times,when playing with your buddies,its quite fun.I was able to reach upto wave 16 while playing solo & it seems impossible to go beyond that Level.I was equipped with Famas,M60(Retail)& M249 and still was running out of AMmo,so If you are planning to finish all the ZOmbie Wave,then better pair up.Solo act aint gonna help.
                                                                   The Dinars you will earn this map are also higher than what you can get in the normal Cqc or BG maps,so in case you are low on DInars,better play this map.In case you want help in clearing the first levels or you are finding it tough use my guide here.Feel Free to play this new map and there are rumors that they have already started working on releasing newer maps for this mode in the Upcoming months.
Working Warrock Hacks AFter the Update.Get them before you loose them.
1)HackTecs Geniutec

Scope -> Rechtsklick
ExtraAmmo -> Automatisch
ExtraAmmo2 -> Automatisch
GMMode -> Automatisch
NoSpread -> Automatisch
NoRecoil -> Automatisch

GlassWallsOn -> Numpad 9
GlassWallsOff -> Numpad 8

glitch -> F11
laggen -> Pause

Teleport -> F10 save , F12 load

FastAll -> Automatisch
speed 1 -> Numpad 0
speed 1.1 -> Numpad 1
speed 1.2 -> Numpad 2
speed 1.3 -> Numpad 3
speed 1.4 -> Numpad 4
speed 3.3 -> Numpad 5
speed Schub -> Numpad 6

fullbright -> Automatisch
jump -> Strg
No fall damage -> Automatisch
exit-> Entf
Dig-> Alt

Slots5 -> Automatisch
Slots6 -> Automatisch
Slots7 -> Automatisch
Slots8 -> Automatisch
speedrool + Fire -> Numoad 7 ( er rollt 2x und wenn er wieder läuft schießt er automatisch kurz
noSpawn -> Automatisch

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Download: multiupload

2)NeroX D3d Vip:
 Willi27's D3D Cheat v9.rar

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 3)Willy27 D3d 19.10.2010:
 Willi27's D3D Cheat v9.rar

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4)Willy27 D3d v9 20.10.2010:
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Download: Willi27's D3D Enigne v9.rar

5)ToxicSys 20.10.2010 Chams/WallHack/WTW/WUW/Weapon Hack

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
This issue arises if Enhance pointer Precision is enabled in your Operating System.To Fix this,go to Control Panel>>Mouse>>Pointer Options Tab & then Uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision.Now your Screen should Look like this:
                                                    There that oughta Fix it!
Monday, October 18, 2010
I came to know about this bug when I saw a video that was uploaded in Youtube.The Trick is to pruchase any of the Below A.I Weapon for 30 days & Instead of being charged for the Rental period,you will be charged JUST 1 DINAR!!!Tats right.Try to make use of this till then rectify the issue.This trick is applicable for the Following A.I Weapons:
  • Glock_17C
  • PSG
  • Barett
  • You should Have Premium.Any Premium.
  • You should get the Weapons from the Item Shop,Not Via GamersFirst/Warrock
  • Buy it for 30 Days.This works Onlyfor 30 Days.Doesn't Work for Other 1 or 7 or 15 Day cases.
Sangeetha Mahayudham reached its golden run yesterday night with George Peter's Confident Group Cochin Warriors taking home the glory cup beating Vidhu Prathap's Bhima Jewelery Trivandrum Royals in the Ultimate Round.Both these teams had made it through to the Final battle where the others got eliminated.Both the teams were Tied at score of 112.5 and then the tie breaker was called in where each team had to send one member to participate in the tie-breaker & the team with most points would emerge the Champs.Yasin of Cochin  Warriors beat Poornashree of the Royals by 2 points resulting in the Victory of Cochin Warriors.Poornashree was entitled with the Cool Singer of the Day award.

Trivandrum Team Members: Poornashree, Nithin Raj, Sajin Jayaraj. 
Cochin  Team Members: Keerthana, Yasin, Arun Naik.
1)Breaker Warrock VIP hack: 
Dowload: Breaker VIP Hack New.!.zip

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Injector İd/Password
Username: Breaker
Password: emreugur

2)WarCock Public Release:
WarCock Release By Bouboua.rar

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3)WarLab Hack:
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Download Link: Public Hack.rar

4)Rave D3D:



5)Largos V.2 Beta:
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6)Crazy Mc1234 NoMenu:
Slots5 /Auto
Slots6 /Auto
Slots7 /Auto
Slots8 /Auto
Superjump(); /strg
NFD //Auto
FastAll //Auto
NoSpawn //Auto
ExtraAmmo //Auto
ExtraAmmo2 //Auto
VirusTotal: klick
Download: klick

7) Boer Tim D3d:
 Download: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

8)Black Legend D3d:
Download: Click

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9)Angel Piece Level Bot:

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Download: Download

10)No Name Public D3d:
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11)Ghosts~L1fe Public V2:
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12)Illuminati Hack:
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64Bit Injector (Made by Aless) VirusTotal
Win7 Injector (Made by Aless) VirusTotal
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Naerons Injector (Made by Naerons) VirusTotal
AlexK Injector (Made by AlexK) VirusTotal
Headsh0t Injector (Made by Headsh0t) VirusTotal


14 )Breaker Public Hack:
Download : WaRRocK Public Hack- Zombie.zip

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15)Kaos Public Hack:

|UPDATE| [Kaos Public v10.1] 18/10/2010


Kaos Public v10.1 18-10-10.rar

Microsoft Office 2010 is the successor of its 2007 version only better.Office 2010 is shipped with Extended file support along with user Interface updates & refined User experience.This also makes the debut of online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, which work in popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, but not Opera).Some of the Unique features include the following:
  • Ribbon interface and Backstage View across all applications
  • Background Removal Tool
  • Letter Styling
  • The Word 2007 Equation editor is common to all applications, replacing Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0
  • New SmartArt templates
  • New text and image editing effects
  • Screen Capturing and Clipping tools
  • Live collaboration functions
  • Jumplists in Windows 7
  • New animations in PowerPoint 2010
                                                                   Outlook Social Connector,a tool which can be used by the users to connect & receive updates from their social webbies inside of Outlook was also incorporated with this pack.Currently supports Linkedln,Facebook,Myspace & Windows Live Messenger.Few more are being added along as we speak.
Download Links(Available In FileShare,DepositFiles & HotFile):
FileServe : Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
DepositFiles:  Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
HotFile: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Its  very difficult to survive the Blind Bullet Map after lvl 15 & for those of you who are finding it difficult to pull it through to the net wave,then after blowing up a barrel go and stand @ the spot where it re-spawns and this time you will be contained within it making you invulnerable to the Zombie attack as shown below:
I am an avid watcher of the Vodafone comedy stars and probably,the Pinshi episode is by far my most favorite and possibly the most funniest episode I have witnessed in the series.I just couldn't controlling my laughter while watching this and It was hard for me to locate this episode.In case you are a malayali and you haven't watched it,please watch it below.Trust Me!It will throw you off the seat just like it did to Me.

Download Links:In case you wanna download the video,use the following links to get them below:

                            In case  you want anyother episode,feel free to tell me I'll mail you or provide you the links.
Sunday, October 17, 2010
Cyber Xp is probably the fastest version of Xp till date.Belonging to the Service Pack 3 version,it occupies a mere 80/90 Mb of your Ram there by maximizing your Performance output.This is probably the best Operating System suited for Pc Gameplay.This version is already Splitstreamed & doesn't require any activation keys or anything.Its completely up-datable,so you need not bother upon the Microsoft WGA page.The features of this packcan be summarized below:
  • Over 60 Registry Tweaks which has the made the Os relatively faster.
  • Supports almost all Sata/Raid Drivers.
  • No Activation key or Serial Needed.Fully Update-able.Vista Looks with a Myriad of stylish Themes.
  • Driver Packs Included: Chipset,Lan,Wlan,Mass Storage,Cpu
  • Programs Removed: MSN,Windows Tour,ValueAdd,Dotnet Fix.
  • HotFixes Included: KB936782,KB954154,KB938464,KB941569,KB942763,KB946648,
    KB949269,KB950760,KB950762,KB951066, KB951376,KB951698,KB951748,KB952954
    ,KB953839,KB953979 and many more.
  • Programs Included:AIO Net. Framework Pack,Adobe Flash AIO,Google Chrome,Foxit Reader 2.3.3309,Nero Micro,NNS Genuine 2.5,Notepad+ 4.92,Firefox 3.0.6,VLC 0.9.2,Internet Explorer 7,Windows Media Player 11,WinRAR 3.71,Reapers CPUZ 1.48,Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.
  • Optional Programs: Windows Live Messenger 8.5,Internet Download Manager 5.16,Mozilla Firefox 3.7,Yahoo Messenger 9,Java 6,Ultra ISO 9.3,WinRAR 3.70 Corporate,Flash Player 10,Kels CPLBonus 9.2.6,TrueTransparency,Vista Drive Icon,Theme Collection,Cursor Collection,RocketDock 1.3,Patch for Delete Old Wallpapers.
  • Add On's Included:Internet explorer 7 Final,Windows Media Player 11,Vista RTM Boot screen,Custom Backgrounds,Vista User Accounts pictures,Vista Aero Cursors,Tweaks,CyberXP Theme . 
Download Links:(Available in FileServe,HotFile & DepositFile)
FileServe: Part1 Part2 Part3
DepositFiles: Part1 Part2 Part3
HotFile: Part1 Part2 Part3

Resident Evil hits Warrock.Warrock in its last updated added a new Zombie mode Gameplay where you along with your buddies have to withstand the hoards of Zombies which try to rip you apart.You just can go all guns blazing in this game coz you would have killed even before you would have reloaded.So what is the best strategy to play this game?I have made my compilations so take a look @ them:
  • Assault is probably the Best branch followed by Heavy & then the Medic.If you have m60 or m249 then you are practically indestructible.
  • Grenades are your best Arsenal.They can take down multiple Zombies in an instant.Don't waste it.Especially after Wave 10,the 11th wave is kinda tough and chances are that you will run out of ammo.You can't get to the Weapon stock.So this will come handy.
  • Never get cornered.And be very careful while entering the Operation Room,you will probably wont come alive out of the room if you are going alone.Better team up if you are going inside that room.
  • Don't take refuge at the Ammo stock as probably you are vulnerable to attack.The best strategy is to Shoot & Run and keep shooting till the last bullet.Even a single bullet can save your life.
  • While shooting the Heavy,keep shooting @ its head.Might take a round or two to dispose him
  • Don't just shoot.Look around you while you are shooting.Zombie's can creep up behind you and kill you.
  • Two heads are always better than one.If you belong to Milla Jovovich Category then it would take a miracle to make you go through the 11th Wave.
  • Don't get surrounded.Probably you will be just shooting your partner rather than the Zombie.Your partner who is invulnerable to your bullets,will probably die due to the Zombie attack.And the only way to revive him is by surviving the remaining attack.
  • Dont be stupid enough to use flash.They wont work against the Zombies.I was literally laughing when I saw people using those against them.
  • Shooting the Boss will be one hell of a job.Taking care of him alone is next to impossible.So team up with your buddies and you probably will finish him.This is when we regret of not having the revered M60 & M249 or the Drum G36.
  • Team work works here.This ain't the one man army style game where you can kill all ya'll like Rambo.If you are planning to camp and shoot then the aisle on top of the Operation room is probably the best.Don't block your team,give them room to shoot else ammo will be lost.
                                                                       Well I guess thats more than enough.If you can make it past the lvl 15,then you have mastered the fundamentals.From there on,its on you to survive till the end to call it a day.Think you can?
There is no Irctc Beta anymore,Its just plain old Irctc .Irctc withdrew its beta version last week probably to reduce the load @ its servers during the Festival seasons or while booking for the Tatkal service.But this created more issues than solving the ones in existence.The scripts available are not working anymore as Irctc is changing its features then and there & the issues seem to be  anything but fixed.The irritating thing about Tatkal reservation is that only Irctc has the rights to book tatkal tickets till 9 A.M.Sites like thomas cook & Make my trip allows Tatkal booking only after 9 A.M & by that time,the Tatkal tickets would have entered the waiting list category.
                                                                           This is the same old story which yet seems to be far away from being fixed.There is no point in relying on Irctc to fix the issue.Better stand in the queue and book tickets in the conventional way,unless Ajax scripters find another greasemonekey fix which can overcome these technical issues.
There may be many books which will provide you various materials on how to prepare for Gmat,although very few give a detailed insight on how to exploit specific weakness in the Gmat assessment and share it with Us.This book covers the entire Gmat preparation phase providing detailed insight into the secrets behind the vault.If you want your hardwork to achieve Skyhigh results for you,then you should try to go through this book.Trust me!it will be worth your time.
Download Links:
The place where I go to work is no exception to Hoardings,displaying ad's of various service providers but regrettably none of them have the touch of Creativity which I have observed  around the world in the web.So I have shortlisted 10 my most favourite creative Ad's I have seen in the Web till now which has made people to take another look @ them before proceeding and will update as and when its added.Hope you will like them:

FujiFilm: No one Resist From Being Snapped 
Orion Telescope: Zooming Beyond the Limits
Dealer Track:Tools for a Competitive Advantage
Panasonic Camera:Really Wide Angle
Aids Awareness Campaign:Test For HIV.Be Safe
Nivea Cream:Before & After
Cemex Concrete:Hardens Almost Instantly
Symantec Anti-Virus: Best To Keep Some Windows Closed
Panasonic Intelligent Face Detector
Australia Post:In You wanna Really Touch Someone Send Them A Letter
                                                          Well there you have them.So what do you think about the Shortlisted Ones?Which One do you think is the Best in your Opinion?

Asterix & Obelix is a series of French comic books written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo since its inception on October 29th 1959.As of 2004,34 comic books have been released.Probably Asterix-Obelix series is the most popular Franco-Belgian comics till date,with the books being translated into more than and been critically acclaimed in the European Countries.To this date,Asterix series have sold more than 325 million copies world wide making René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo France's bestselling authors abroad.The Complete Asterix series include the following Comics:
  •  Asterix the Gaul (1959)
  •  Asterix and the Golden Sickle (1960)
  •  Asterix and the Goths (1961-62)
  •  Asterix the Gladiator (1962)
  •  Asterix and the Banquet (1963)
  •  Asterix and Cleopatra (1963)
  •  Asterix and the Big Fight (1964)
  •  Asterix in Britain (1965)
  •  Asterix and the Normans (1966)
  •  Asterix the Legionary (1966)
  •  Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield (1967)
  •  Asterix at the Olympic Games (1968)
  •  Asterix and the Cauldron (1968)
  •  Asterix in Spain (1969)
  •  Asterix and the Roman Agent (1970)
  •  Asterix in Switzerland (1970)
  •  The Mansions of the Gods (1971)
  •  Asterix and the Laurel Wreath (1971)  
  •  Asterix and the Soothsayer (1972)
  •  Asterix in Corsica (1973)
  •  Asterix and Caesar's Gift (1974)
  •  Asterix and the Great Crossing (1975)
  • (non-canonical) Asterix Conquers Rome (1976)
  •  Obelix and Co. (1976)
  •  Asterix in Belgium (1979)
  •  Asterix and the Great Divide (1980)
  •  Asterix and the Black Gold (1981)
  •  Asterix and Son (1983)
  •  Asterix and the Magic Carpet (1987)
  •  (non-canonical) How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion When he was a Little Boy (1989)
  •  Asterix and the Secret Weapon (1991)
  •  Asterix and Obelix All at Sea (1996)
  •  Asterix and the Actress (2001)
  •  Asterix and the Class Act (2003)
  •  Asterix and the Falling Sky (2005)
  •  Asterix and Obelix's Birthday: The Golden Book (2009)
 Download Links:
FileServe: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
HotFile: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
DepositFile: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
                                                                   In case the download links fail,just ping me and I will re-upload it again.
GamersFirst has decided to provide free Bizon free for 7 days to people who redeem the code @ the GamersFirst Website.The Code is WillUSurvive.Go get it before it runs out.It can be applied to an Id,once & only one.Works 100%.Follow the  tutorial on how to get it activated:
1)First go to Warrock website.Click on the Log In button.
2)Log in to your account using your warrock account like this:
Now click on the Reedem Code button on the top right corner.
3)On clicking Reedem code, you will be taken to a screen which looks like this:
Click on CODE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx button.
4)Now you'll be taken to a new page.Here,in the choose an account dropdown select Warrock>>UR warrock id like this:
5)Just a step away now.Now you will be taken to a new screen where you need to enter WillUSurvive (ENTER EXACTLY LIKE THIS) and then click on Activate Code like this:
Well thats all folks.I hope you are gonna enjoy your Bizon.Go get em boys.Keep the battle ON.
Resident Evil has Hit Warrock!WillUSurvive?Thats the new Promocode released by GamersFirst to give a free 7 day Bizon gun as an exclusive for the Zombie Season.GamerFirst is trying very hard to retain its players from leaving the game.Operation 7 another online Pc multiplayer game,seems to be a real threat to Warrock Franchise and in the next 2 or 3 months we can expect Gamersfirst to roll out probably many more Arsenals currently available in the Korean version to be made available globally.Recently the Zombie Season hit the Game,where the player has to protect him and his team from a series of Zombie Wave attack and to till to call it a day.I loved the Idea,but the Zombie's AI was anything but DISGUSTING.
                                                                       Anyway the fun part of the Zombie room is that the game goes for multi level,where the Zombie's responsiveness improves as you reach the higher levels.You wont probably survive after the 25th lvl alone.Its fun to play with your buddies and incase you wanna grab hold of the Bizon gun use the code"WillUSurvive"(WITHOUT THE QUOTES) in the Warrock redeem code section.This gun will expire after 7 days,although the gun sounds like a supressor and looks like a re-modeled of ak-47 SU,its probably the best gun to use against the Zombies.
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Mafia 2 probably lived upto its expectations,although the game was criticized for its very short gameplay & absence of free roam feature.Thankfully a free ride mode was developed by the mod community and is available for download.This mode has the following new features:
  • Opened all houses (mom's house, hunter's point, vito's house, marty's apt)
  •  Fixed clothes changing from follow/wait
  •  All blips appear on map
  •  Added a few suits to wardrobe
  •  Start with 5k and a few weapons
 Instructions: Extract the contents of the Rar file into in /sds/missionscript/

Download Links:
I accidentally came across this Mediafire link  here,which contains probably the largest Pc Games download links probably in the history of Mediafire.With more than 2562 files,there is a myriad of games available for download.At a time where people are trying to extract the maximum out of File hosting services,not to mention no reward from Mediafire,we would really appreciate Casp3ri-zjzx for giving us probably the largest collection until someone else over takes him.You can find the complete list  here.
I remember the first time I saw this video on youtube & believe me I could not control my laughter.My Brother showed me the video in my laptop & Instantly I was ROFL.Later on the day,I showed it to my parents & my mom just loved this video,although it reduced her to tears due to excessive laughing.The video was completely Shambolic not to mention the acting.On top of that,two foreigners were also seen to dance to the groove giving a cameo appearance although there hardly was any groove.Even funnier was the Tirade these guys had to witness in youtube.The comments ranged from vulgar ones aimed @ their families too,to the rib-ticklers.Its hard to imagine what in the world provoked them to make a video like this.
                                                            Although the inner message of the song is good,it failed to impress the masses.I do hope that they do not release any other album as probably the feedback obtained would be detrimental enough for them to make any more.The dance moves were unbearable.I really don't understand how the foreigners agreed to do this video.They would have probably become the laughing stock in their locality if anyone saw that video.
                                         You probably would be eager to know about the people behind this album.They inlcude:
  • Direction,Singing,Lyricist & Music: Hari Sankar Kalavoor
  • Producer: Baby DOLL Musics 
  • Editor : Hari K S 
  • Camera : Reji V Kumar
                                                   In case you wanna have the lyrics of the song,feel free to ping me & I shall get back to you.Till then SilSila Hai SilSila SilSila Hai SilSila
Released as a service pack 3,Cyber Xp is currently considered to be the most fastest & Memory Efficient Xp utilizing only 80/90 MB of Ram,along with loads of Cool Themes,System Icons,Wallpapers,Bootscreen Images & many more.This built comes with over 60 registry tweaks which tremendously increase the system system response time.Already Splitstreamed,the pack requires no serial for activation & is fully cracked which means its fully updateable.A lot of Hotfixes released by Microsoft has been incorporated into this release apart from the myriad of themes & VistaVG Black [Default] + VistaVG Blue theme.
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Direction : Lal Jose
Producer : M.Renjith

Lead Star Cast:Kunchacko Boban,Ann Augustine,Indrajith,Manikuttan & Vani Kishore in the Lead.
Music : C. Rajamani
Lyrics : Rafeeque Ahammed

Plot: The difficulties a girl has to confront as she tries to raise her family due the demise of her father,amidst other people who want are always behind her back.
Track Listings:
  • Kannadi-By Achu & Rimi Tomy
  • Ithile Thozhi-By Vijay Yesudas & Swetha
  • Kannaram-By Sithara
  • Aamodamaai-By V.Devanand & Achu
  • Ithile-By Achu
  • Kannadi-By Karaoke
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Head over to GamersFirst Website & its better that you copy paste the code as it case dependent. And enter the code in the code redeem section.This gun will expire after 7 days from activation & can be used in an Id once & only once.
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Friday, October 15, 2010
Y chromosome is the future of Human Generation,without which there would be no sexual reproduction as it is the Y chromosome which generates the Sperm.There is a talk going on amongst the scientists that the future of Y chromosome is probably Uncertain!They have observed that as we transformed ourselves into the Formidable Homo-Sapiens from the Homo-Erectus,the Y chromosome has been loosing most of its genes.What's gonna happen if Y chromosome Perishes altogether?The Answer:End Of Mankind,Arise Of Lesbian Kind.Sounds Funny?Its true.
                                 So far biologists have identified 27 kinds of Parthenogenetic lizards—all-female species that lay eggs to produce exact genetic copies of the mother.Although avid readers of science magazines would probably know that it was a Harvard Team which made these startling revelations,where the female the lesbian lizards Copulates like a male.They seem to engage themselves in a mock Male-Female sex.
An active female mounts a passive one, curves the tail under the other's body, strokes the partner's back and neck, joins genital regions, and rides on top for one to five minutes. The active female lizard always has small undeveloped eggs, while the passive female has large pre-ovulatory eggs. But there are cyclic variations in behavior and egg size in these reptiles, and roles reverse; the passive female of one encounter can be the active partner of the next. Says Crews: "We are now trying to determine whether this malelike behavior facilitates reproductive function." Translation: the psychobiologist does not yet know why the females mock the male-female behavior of related two-sex species. The eggs hatch with or without the lesbian courtship.
                                             Scientists are now speculating that the act exhibited here is probably the next evolutionary process,where the female may be deprived of its male counterpart.
                        Now lets come back to our story.If you  had studied Zoology,you would probably recall that each cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes.Out of those 23,22 are exact replicas in case of male & female & its the 23rd chromosome which is the decision maker.In Females,the 23rd set consists of identical x chromosomes,where as in male is X & Y chromosomes.Its the Y chromosome which affects the formation of Testis & ultimately Sperm generation.The problem arises during the cell division state ie,Mitosis.Here Y chromosome is riddled with irregularities which makes it vulnerable to damage or lets say           variations.Everytime a gene on the Y chromosome goes bad,its bad news for us.Y?Because Y chromosome,which approximately had more than 1000 genes just like the X chromosomes now probably has less than 80 Genes.But there is always a cloud with Silver Lining.Claims that its not yet the end of the Sexual Reproduction.He claims that:
At the same time that it is continuing to lose genes, it's found some new ways of replenishing itself.The Y chromosome has been secretly creating backup copies of its most important genes. These are stored in the DNA as mirror images, or palindromes — which read the same way forwards and backwards. ("Madam, I'm Adam" is a famous example.)In Y chromosome palindromes, the first half contains the gene and the second half contains the same information, just in reverse.
                                                              This means that Y chromosomes are occurring in Pairs & as they occur,they tend to swapping out or recombining with each other — allowing the genes to repair themselves when they get damaged.
Probably this helps us to explain why these genes have been able to persist despite millions of years of assault from random mutations. And, he says, it means the Y chromosome won't simply keep shrinking away until it disappears altogether. 

Mostly its the Bsnl users who face the Emule low Ping.As I had stated already here,you need to have Static Ip address to overcome the Low Ping problem of Emule.If you are a BSNL Broadband user,then follow the guide here.For other Broadband users:
  • Press Windows + r to bring up your run menu or go to start>>Run and enter cmd.Now type ipconfig/all and press enter.Your screen will resemble as below:
  • head over to control Panel>> Network Connections>>Right Click your Broadband connection andthen select properties.Screen might look like this:
  • Double click Internet Protocol(Tcp/Ip) as indicated in the  picture.Now a new window will pop up where you need to manually enter your Ip address,Subnet Mask,Default Gateway,Preferred and Alternate DNS servers.You can obtain those values from the command prompt screen you entered in step1.You need to select Use the following Ip Address radio button and also Use the following DNS server address.After entering make sure that your radio button selection matches with the ones given in the pic below(Values will vary,so don't worry,but make sure that you have entered proper values.
                                                           Press Ok at both the Tcp/Ip settings window and also the local area conenction.Now in the Emule application use a port above 56000 for Tcp and Udp(As the higher end ports are not Obfuscated,you wont have the Low Id Problem again) and Viola! Problemo Solved.


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