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Sunday, October 17, 2010
Resident Evil has Hit Warrock!WillUSurvive?Thats the new Promocode released by GamersFirst to give a free 7 day Bizon gun as an exclusive for the Zombie Season.GamerFirst is trying very hard to retain its players from leaving the game.Operation 7 another online Pc multiplayer game,seems to be a real threat to Warrock Franchise and in the next 2 or 3 months we can expect Gamersfirst to roll out probably many more Arsenals currently available in the Korean version to be made available globally.Recently the Zombie Season hit the Game,where the player has to protect him and his team from a series of Zombie Wave attack and to till to call it a day.I loved the Idea,but the Zombie's AI was anything but DISGUSTING.
                                                                       Anyway the fun part of the Zombie room is that the game goes for multi level,where the Zombie's responsiveness improves as you reach the higher levels.You wont probably survive after the 25th lvl alone.Its fun to play with your buddies and incase you wanna grab hold of the Bizon gun use the code"WillUSurvive"(WITHOUT THE QUOTES) in the Warrock redeem code section.This gun will expire after 7 days,although the gun sounds like a supressor and looks like a re-modeled of ak-47 SU,its probably the best gun to use against the Zombies.



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