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Friday, October 15, 2010
Mostly its the Bsnl users who face the Emule low Ping.As I had stated already here,you need to have Static Ip address to overcome the Low Ping problem of Emule.If you are a BSNL Broadband user,then follow the guide here.For other Broadband users:
  • Press Windows + r to bring up your run menu or go to start>>Run and enter cmd.Now type ipconfig/all and press enter.Your screen will resemble as below:
  • head over to control Panel>> Network Connections>>Right Click your Broadband connection andthen select properties.Screen might look like this:
  • Double click Internet Protocol(Tcp/Ip) as indicated in the  picture.Now a new window will pop up where you need to manually enter your Ip address,Subnet Mask,Default Gateway,Preferred and Alternate DNS servers.You can obtain those values from the command prompt screen you entered in step1.You need to select Use the following Ip Address radio button and also Use the following DNS server address.After entering make sure that your radio button selection matches with the ones given in the pic below(Values will vary,so don't worry,but make sure that you have entered proper values.
                                                           Press Ok at both the Tcp/Ip settings window and also the local area conenction.Now in the Emule application use a port above 56000 for Tcp and Udp(As the higher end ports are not Obfuscated,you wont have the Low Id Problem again) and Viola! Problemo Solved.



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