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Friday, October 15, 2010
Who was responsible for pulling it off?I never really believed that we will be able to but we did.I watched the Flag down ceremony proud that in spite of the hiccups India suffered in its Intital incipient phases,it brought a wonderful display of International level competition where all physical Boundaries came to cease.As the Inception day approached around the corner,all hell broke loose as the world witnessed India's preparedness for the CWG Games.I watched as the top Athletes in the world pulled out citing Health & Security reasons,I wondered whether any high profile athlete is gonna come here to compete.False Ceiling collapse,Water Stagnation,Bridge collapse,Snake sightings,Security breach,Black Ticket Scam and the list seems to be perennial.These flaws are detrimental enough to cause a major pullout and then with just a few days remaining,they made a complete turnaround.The village,although below the required standard,was pretty much livable and almost all the problems were fixed.
                                         Woefully problems still persisted like the lack of minions,a few rooms in the Common Wealth Village were in dilapidated state and many more.In a couple of days those Issues were also claimed to be solved.Then I watched as the Esteemed Emissaries from their dignified nations started praising India for keeping up to its expectations.Yes! We managed to rock the world by organizing a last minute revived yet Outstanding Common Wealth Games 2010,but also our athletes made history by claiming 101 Medals for our Nation.Hats Off Guys N Gals!Encore!You deserved it.And after all the cavalcade was over,I saw Shiela Dixit being Interviewed by an Indian News channel.According to sources,Congress members were upset by Mrs.Dixit for repeatedly raking in credit for the Games Success.It was really unbecoming of her to take credits for the Resuscitation of the Games.She was apparently found Quoting:
  Sixty per cent of the village was unlivable when it was handed over to us... We made the village first rate, all in one week
                                                      Clearly Shiela Dixit & Mr.Kalmadi & Co deserve no credit and are ought to be chastened for almost humiliating our nation.If they think that they deserve the credit,then they should also take the responsibility for the Corruption we witnessed.Well atleast someone has to be responsible for the mess right?I really wonder how thick skinned these politicians are.Probably they are worse than the Italian Mafia's i guess.
                                                     Have you heard  of Subrata Roy Sahara?Mostly No.Well he was the Invisible hand or the Phantom who was lonewolf,who along with his team is probably the main Catalyst for the Game Success-Unofficially claimed by a congress leader.It was highl unlikely that after the initial Fiasco,sluggishness & absolute Insubordination to the International demands-Even under the Prime Minister & Co's Intervention-the Game authorities could have revived the Games.Sahara dispatched their own staffs to receive & assist our guests and escort them to the Village.Almost 500 or more crew members were employed for this work,not to mention the additional labors(minions) employed at the village Premises.Many Young college enthusiasts also participated in the reviving act,an act which should be done by the extortionists of the Game-Mr.Kalmadi & Co.Also the Sahara managed to obtain many young and gorgeous models for the Cavalcade during the Inception & Flag down ceremony.I couldn't focus my eyes properly on one of them as I had a tough time to choose:dressed in  India's traditional style wearing Saree.Probably the Sahara Parivar will go down in history as the Unsung Heroes of the Common Wealth Games 2010,while the politicians continue to Bask in the success of the Games.



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