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Friday, October 15, 2010
Y chromosome is the future of Human Generation,without which there would be no sexual reproduction as it is the Y chromosome which generates the Sperm.There is a talk going on amongst the scientists that the future of Y chromosome is probably Uncertain!They have observed that as we transformed ourselves into the Formidable Homo-Sapiens from the Homo-Erectus,the Y chromosome has been loosing most of its genes.What's gonna happen if Y chromosome Perishes altogether?The Answer:End Of Mankind,Arise Of Lesbian Kind.Sounds Funny?Its true.
                                 So far biologists have identified 27 kinds of Parthenogenetic lizards—all-female species that lay eggs to produce exact genetic copies of the mother.Although avid readers of science magazines would probably know that it was a Harvard Team which made these startling revelations,where the female the lesbian lizards Copulates like a male.They seem to engage themselves in a mock Male-Female sex.
An active female mounts a passive one, curves the tail under the other's body, strokes the partner's back and neck, joins genital regions, and rides on top for one to five minutes. The active female lizard always has small undeveloped eggs, while the passive female has large pre-ovulatory eggs. But there are cyclic variations in behavior and egg size in these reptiles, and roles reverse; the passive female of one encounter can be the active partner of the next. Says Crews: "We are now trying to determine whether this malelike behavior facilitates reproductive function." Translation: the psychobiologist does not yet know why the females mock the male-female behavior of related two-sex species. The eggs hatch with or without the lesbian courtship.
                                             Scientists are now speculating that the act exhibited here is probably the next evolutionary process,where the female may be deprived of its male counterpart.
                        Now lets come back to our story.If you  had studied Zoology,you would probably recall that each cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes.Out of those 23,22 are exact replicas in case of male & female & its the 23rd chromosome which is the decision maker.In Females,the 23rd set consists of identical x chromosomes,where as in male is X & Y chromosomes.Its the Y chromosome which affects the formation of Testis & ultimately Sperm generation.The problem arises during the cell division state ie,Mitosis.Here Y chromosome is riddled with irregularities which makes it vulnerable to damage or lets say           variations.Everytime a gene on the Y chromosome goes bad,its bad news for us.Y?Because Y chromosome,which approximately had more than 1000 genes just like the X chromosomes now probably has less than 80 Genes.But there is always a cloud with Silver Lining.Claims that its not yet the end of the Sexual Reproduction.He claims that:
At the same time that it is continuing to lose genes, it's found some new ways of replenishing itself.The Y chromosome has been secretly creating backup copies of its most important genes. These are stored in the DNA as mirror images, or palindromes — which read the same way forwards and backwards. ("Madam, I'm Adam" is a famous example.)In Y chromosome palindromes, the first half contains the gene and the second half contains the same information, just in reverse.
                                                              This means that Y chromosomes are occurring in Pairs & as they occur,they tend to swapping out or recombining with each other — allowing the genes to repair themselves when they get damaged.
Probably this helps us to explain why these genes have been able to persist despite millions of years of assault from random mutations. And, he says, it means the Y chromosome won't simply keep shrinking away until it disappears altogether. 



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