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Saturday, October 16, 2010
Metro 2033 executable has encountered as an Error has haunted and still continues to haunt Pc gamers who have still not found a fix for it.Even now people are trying to find fix one way or the other,being pushed to the edge and most of them have given up hopes of ever being able to play this game.Many people have utilized this opportunity to rake in a few profits from traffic obtained  by posting absolutely irrelevant fixes like Graphics card update,Disk defragment & a lot more.There is one and only one Fix for this Game:DOWNLOAD METRO 2033 RAZOR1911 PROPER VERSION & NOT SKIDROW.There is something really flawed with the Skidrow version & the crack doesn't seem to work properly.I also had a tough time as I had downloaded the Skidrow version and I found no fix for the game.As a last refuge,a tried to use Razor1911 crack for the Skidrow release and I was extremely dejected when it didn't work.I had upgraded my Pc to play this game and even even 6 months after its release I couldn't even go past the Error screen.
                                                   I wanted to download the Razor1911 Proper release but was too lazy and also had given up of hope.On top of tat my download speed is pretty limited & it will take 3 days to download the 6.67Gb Iso.Reluctantly I downloaded and when I ran the Metro.exe I couldn't believe that the crack worked wonders.I was able to play the game & I fell in love with the gam.Although a bit short,but the game is extremely addictive and very atmospherically entertaining game.So In case you are still trying to find a fix for Metro 2033 Executable has Encountered and Error,THEN GET RAZOR1911 PROPER DOWNLOAD.NOT THE SKIDROW RELEASE.ALSO RAZOR CRACK WORKS FOR RAZOR RELEASE ONLY.DONT WASTE UR TIME GOING THROUGH FORUMS TRYING TO FIND HELP.If you are experiencing any other issues,feel free to ping me.


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