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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was a victim of it and pretty recently I came across a trick which enabled to get high id in emule and my download has picked up ever since.This is for the BSNL USERS ONLY The process is a twofold step which includes:
  • Static Ip Setting:You have to change your Tcp/Ip settings for this so that the first half of the process is completed.
  • Portforwarding :We need to manually select a few higher ends ports(not the default ones allocated) as there is less chance of throttle under these circumstances.
1)So first Press Windows + r to bring up your run menu or go to start>>Run and enter cmd.Now type ipconfig/all and press enter.Your Screen will look like this:
2)Now head over to control Panel>> Network Connections>>Right Click your Broadband connection and
then select properties.Now your screen will look like this:
3)Now Double click Internet Protocol(Tcp/Ip) as indicated in the  picture.Now a new window will pop up where you need to manually enter your Ip address,Subnet Mask,Default Gateway,Preferred and Alternate DNS servers.You can obtain those values from the command prompt screen you entered in step1.You need to select Use the following Ip Address radio button and also Use the following DNS server address.After entering make sure that your radio button selection matches with the ones given in the pic below(Values will vary,so dont worry,but make sure that you have entered proper values.

4)Now Press Ok at both the Tcp/Ip settings window and also the local area conenction.First part is over.Now open up your web browser and type address)and press enter.The default password is admin,so enter it and log in.Now head over to the advanced tab(above)>>portfowarding(from the right side menu) and select the radio button which says User.The screen will resemble below:

5)Now click on New button and then you will be taken a new page where you may need to enter the  values in the following style:
Rule Management

Rule Name:
Port Start: Port End:
Port Map:
Please don't add overlapped port ranges in different rules.
Port Start
Port End
Port Map

For Tcp:
Rule Name:Emule
Protocol: TCP
Port Start:58000
Port End:58000
Port Map:58000
Then Click apply. 
For Udp:

Rule Name:Emule
Protocol: UDP
Port Start:59000
Port End:59000
Port Map:59000
Then Click apply.
6)Now go back to the previous menu and select User(radio button)>>Emule(your new rule)>>Click On Add & then  Click apply.Then Logoff from the site.
7)Now start Emule and  go to your  emule connection settings menu and enter the tcp value as 58000 and udp as 59000 and you can see that you will have a green ping almost instantly.I do hope that I have made this guide as elaborate as I can,but incase you are not abel to follow any step,feel free to comment and I shall get back to you asap.Enjoy!!!!



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