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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
As explained in my previous post here,regarding how to use an ftp client like FileZilla to upload to Hot File,we can use the same logic again to upload to Deposit files with a few minor changes.So the textbox values are as follows:
  • Host: ftpupload.depositfiles.com or  ftpupload2.depositfiles.com or ftpupload3.depositfiles.com or ftpupload4.depositfiles.com or ftpupload5.depositfiles.com
  • Username: Your Deposit Files account username.
  • Password:  Your Deposit Files account tpassword.
  • Port: Leave it blank or enter 21 in it
                                                      In case you have not created a Deposit Files Account,Click Here.Without an account you cannot use ftp.Incase of any queries feel free to comment or refer my previous post here.



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