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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
You probably would be having a tough time uploading to Hotfile Server using Http protocol and sometimes it gets stuck halfway through or probably your Dsl line fails.Did you know that you can use ftp clients to upload to Hotfile?One such tool is FileZilla,an ftp client which can ease the uploading process and the most beautiful thing is that the process is resumable(Start from where you left off) i.e you may need not worry about the Crc errors associated with the Rar file  upload Via http.First you need to registry an account with Hotfile.Incase you don't have one Click here.Now after you have validated your account,You need download File Zilla client from here.After Installing FileZilla,start the application and then your screen will look like this.Now you may need to enter your details in the  text boxes provided.The Basic Hotfile Ftp settings are as follows:
  • Host: ftp.hotfile.com 
  • Username: Your Hotfile account username.
  • Password:  Your Hotfile account tpassword.
  • Port: Leave it blank or enter 21 in it
Now click on quick connect & then after a few validations and verification process,you will be connected to the server and you can use the explorer menu to browse to your files and upload them with the click on a button.Also Hotfile follows a referral system,so if you wanna make a few bucks,you might wanna setup an account and start earning.Start from here.



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