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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I used to be an avid warrock fan a couple of years ago,but soon it became saturated for me all thanks to the hackers.They have made this game unplayable(Not to mention the Ingame  lags and flaws).But this game is packed with loads of fun and I just wanted to discuss regarding the best weapon slot combinations for warrock:
  • 2nd  Slot: I feel that mp5k  is probably the best gun for this category due to its excellent range,good  ammo cap and pretty good damage.Beretta wouldn't even come close.Probably Desert Eagle is the next best if you have good mouse control.
  • 3rd Slot: Now this is a bit tricky.For a Medic or Engineer I would prefer the mp7_a1 then I would go for k1 which really rocks.For the Assault it has to Famas(unfortunately its price overshadows its capabilities in the game),closely followed by Xm8(although you will get it as a promo only) which has the capabilities of overthrowing Famas as the best Assault arsenal.For the Sniper branch my favorite will always be Psg,then Aw50f and I love assaulting with my Psg rifle.If Aw50f had a better firing speed just like Psg,then Aw50f would probably be THE BEST GUN IN THE GAME.But guess you can't have anything absolutely perfect.For the Heavy definitely the Stinger.
  • 5th Slot:Medic or Engineer I would stick with k1 and mp7 combo.For assault it has to be m60(My god I love this gun).Still remember I used to snipe with m60(he he ).Sniper  category has a new comer here called Crossbow(nothing else available),and I didnt like it much.Definitely m134 for the heavy.
                                                             Well I guess thats  my list of the game favourites although I did notice something.If you can lay your hands on a no-recoil hack then ak-47 will be probably THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE WEAPON in the GAME.



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