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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Onething I have learned from Pc games is that never use Sawed Off Shotgun against a myriad of Zombies.You'll probably be dead even before you would have emptied your shells.Its very ironical that Alice,in Resident Evil Afterlife is creating a havoc using Sawed Off Shotgun even when she is surrounded by Swarm of Zombies and manages to get to unscathed to safety.Atleast they could replace the Sawed Off with Spas or JackHammer cause it is highly improbable that she can be so destructive with it after loosing her powers(Speed,Stamina,Quick Healing & Reflexes).I hope the Film-makers will take a look into this issue and also I never thought that Heckler & Koch mp5k can hold more than 30 rounds(It appears as if it shoots atleast 50 in the movie).We love to see destruction,but please make sure that give importance to these minuscule details so that we can enjoy the movie to the fullest.



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