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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
After the success of the Biggest movie in the franchise,Resident Evil Afterlife seems to have completely taken over the box offices and now it wont be a surprise if the franchises come up with another sequel to this critically acclaimed hit starring the ever charming Milla Jovovich and Director Paul W.S. Anderson.Also its pretty clear in the end that Jill Valentine-Chris Redfields Partner(who he thinks died after she and Wesker fell from the mansion)-will probably play as the main antagonist of the next sequel(although its never shown in the movie series how she joins  Wesker).I do hope that Wesker is  not dead and I'll expect him to make a comeback,otherwise it would be an insult to one of the most highly acclaimed villains of all time.And this time Anderson is planning to incorporate a few of the fans imaginations to construct the next sequel and claims that his twitter is being flooded by fan tweets.
                                                                            This new movie will probably star Chris,Claire and ofcourse Alice as they will face off against a whole army of Umbrella Forces who in response to Milla's transmission in Arcadia have to eliminate their foes once and for all.Also Luther West who seems to be alive (Dunno how he managed to save himself) will also probably make a comeback.Some  of  the  fans  have asked for a lesbian triangle theme in the movie or millions of Brazilian  zombies,dates of next sequel and much more.Probably some of the fans ideas might be incorporated in the sequel but its gonna  be a test of time till we officially hear about it.And truthfully,I cant to see Alice to kick their asses.



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