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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1. Camera/Video Camera

Trust me on this, you WILL want to take pictures. You’ll make new friends and meet your blogging idols. You’ll attend parties and meetups and you’ll want to talk about it all on your blog or Twitter.  Make sure you have some sort of device to take pictures whether it’s a camera or phone.

2. Laptop

Don’t leave your laptop in your room. Live blogging and Tweeting are the norm at BlogWorld. Sit in on any session and what do you see? Everyone with an open laptop Tweeting quotes from the session, taking notes or posting to their blogs.

3. Chargers

Chargers should be at the top of your check list. The last thing you need is for your camera or cell phone batteries to run out halfway through the conference. Pack your chargers and rejuvenate your batteries while you sleep each night.

4. Vitamins

Don’t laugh, but you’ll need your vitamins. Everyone who attends BlogWorld will agree, by the last day your’re run down, you have no voice and you can’t wait to get on the plane if only to get some sleep.  I always get a bad cold the week after BlogWorld. Take some immunitiy boosters or Vitamin C a couple of weeks before the event, and continue to take them every day during the conference. It may prevent you from feeling like hell when you get home.

5. Comfy Shoes

Save the heels for the parties. You’ll want to wear sneakers, Crocs or another type of comfy shoe during the day. You’re going to do a lot of walking and standing at BlogWorld. If you’re wearing impractical shoes, your feet will be complaining by late afternoon. Do yourself a favor and wear something comfy for day time.

6. Extra Tote Bag

Bring an extra tote bag along in your suitcase. You may not need it, but many of the vendors are giving away some cool bits of swag. You may also want to buy some books or other items from the BlogWorld store. Besides, Vegas has good shopping.  You never know when you need an extra bag “just in case”.

7. ATM Card

Last year I forgot my ATM card. I arrived in Vegas with $100 in my pocket and then took a $20 cab ride from my hotel to meet friends further up the strip. I ended up using my credit card to get funds cash from a casino, which of course, charges a premium. It may seem like such a simple thing to remember, but crap happens. Don’t forget your ATM card.

8. Schedule of Events

Keep the BlogWorld schedule of events with you at all time and set your cell phone, laptop and watch to remind you. Sessions can fill up fast. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a talk you’ve been looking forward to.

9. Water

You’ll want to rehydrate often. Buy some bottled water and keep it in your hotel room. Be forwarned, water is at a premium all over Las Vegas. You’re going to pay, but don’t avoid water because it’s pricy. If you don’t mind hotel tap water, bring a canteen or sports bottle along. You’ll feel like crap in the morning if you’re not hydrated throughout the day.

10. Business Cards

Yesterday I heard from someone I met at the first BlogWorld because he kept my business card. In fact, I’d say business cards are one of the most important investments you can make in preparation for BlogWorld. When you hand someone a business card, you’re directing that person to your blog or website and letting him know you’re available for projects. Everyone you network with will want some what to get in touch, don’t disappoint.



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