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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I had a very tough time trying to find the most simplest way to create spray starch or  Roll Starch@ home and I did come across a few very useful yet interesting methods.I never thought that normal day to day household products can be used to create one which can rejuvenate those lackluster-ed dull  ornaments and  garments of yours into brand new.
                                                     First we need to understand that starch can be classified into two categories namely raw and the cooked.As the name Raw indicates,all we gotta do is mix raw corn starch with water and viola its ready.The only thing you gotta do is to shake the starch before use since starch being heavier than water will  tend to settle down @ the bottom.
                                                     Now going for the Cooked version it involves mixing the half a cup of corn starch with a few cups of water and then cooking it for about 20 or 30 minutes.This will create a concentrated solution,which requires to be diluted with additional water.Which employing spray bottles try to find the spray nozzle size depending upon your starch size.Failure to make the starch with proper viscosity will lead to clogging inside the spray nozzle.But you can fix that problem by running it again through your blender so that its size is brought down considerably.
                                                      Now there are a few more extra ingredients which can really enhance your Starch.These includes:
  • Borax: With its anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties,just one table spoon of Borax can give a glossy appearance also preserves the starch for a longer period.
  • Alum: A tablespoon of Alum can give a more whiter and crispier finish to the starch,not to mention the viscosity it adds to the starch making it easier to spray.
                                                           You can also replace the corn starch with rice and boiling water or by using rice flour,but its outcome depends on a lot of external factors and is not prescribed to be used on expensive fabrics.There you have it.I hope you have understood the preparation method mentioned above & incase of any queries please feel free to ask me and I shall be obliged to respond to them as soon as possbile.  



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