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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
One thing I like about p2p clients is that you don't have to worry about the file download restrictions implemented by the file hosting  services although you may need to sacrifice a few bandwidth for uploading when it comes to p2p client.The first p2p client I probably used was  Warez.Since I didn't know about the p2p,i thought it was probably the best.Then I moved to LimeWire,then Ares,then to torrent and finally landed up with Emule.Although I have to admit that each and everyone of them is unique in its own sense,I will give a detailed explanation of which p2p software to use based on what you are looking for:
  • Ares: This p2p is probably best suited for downloading movies and mp3 songs.But then again the speed depends upon the number of users sharing the file.Not suited for other formats.
  • Torrent: Probably one of the most widely used.Excellent for movies,probably the best for the movies although the same cannot be said for Softwares and Games.Simple explanation is that People have the freedom to restrict their upload to 1kB/s so that they can retain their full bandwidth and the downloader will take a longer time to download the file even if a lot of people are sharing the file.Seeders & Peers ratio also can be sometimes misleading for Pc Games category, although for movies its good.We need more philanthropists to bring up the Games & Software section.
  • LimeWire:Suited for Mp3 and Movies same as Ares and probably its one of the least favorite ones because it sucks your entire bandwidth and you cant even browse.
  • Warez:Similar to LimeWire & Ares,but definitely a lot better than both of them.Movies found here have the best quality and print will be almost perfect.Same can be said for the Mp3's but for software's & Games better use Emule Or Torrent
  • Emule:Definitely my favorite.The most beautiful thing I LOVE about Emule is that you can alter your upload speed but,in that process your download speed will also get affected.Which means that people will have a better chance of obtaining files and materials better than Torrentz and other P2p clients.The major problems you can face here is that sometimes,your download may contain Crc errors(incase of improper exit or power failure ) and worst case scenario is that emule will not recognize that file and will be invalidated.Also its kinda complex to get a high Id in emule.Incase you are having a tough time feel free to check out here.Suited for Games & Softwares,but least favourite for mp3's as it can go @ snails pace till it runs like a horse,so it might take sometime for the downloads to kick start.Emule is also the best for porn stuffs and you can get pretty good and quality downloads if are willing to sacrifice a part of your badnwidth.
                                          Well I guess thats all I wanted to say.Ofcourse it varies from Chap to Chap .But the bottomline is after you download something,please allot a small bandwidth for others who are allowing willing to download from you.After all they gave you Bandwidth.



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