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Monday, October 18, 2010
I came to know about this bug when I saw a video that was uploaded in Youtube.The Trick is to pruchase any of the Below A.I Weapon for 30 days & Instead of being charged for the Rental period,you will be charged JUST 1 DINAR!!!Tats right.Try to make use of this till then rectify the issue.This trick is applicable for the Following A.I Weapons:
  • Glock_17C
  • PSG
  • Barett
  • You should Have Premium.Any Premium.
  • You should get the Weapons from the Item Shop,Not Via GamersFirst/Warrock
  • Buy it for 30 Days.This works Onlyfor 30 Days.Doesn't Work for Other 1 or 7 or 15 Day cases.


santia said...

I like Dinar.and its revaluation of currency.


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