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Thursday, October 21, 2010
If you wanna grab hold of the latest Arsenals of Warrock then all you need to do is Log into Warrock to Participate.Thats right!GamersFirst & Playspan is one again joining hands to give you the ultimate Warrock products for free.Every week you guys  can win amazing prizes which may vary from Ultimate points to Arsenals till November 10th.The following are the Give away materials as the prize:
  • Ultimate Points
  • Free G1 Credits
  • AW50F
  • XM8
  • Barrett M82N
  • PSG-1 20-B(A.I)
  • Glock 17
  • Bizon 
                                                       You may randomly get any of the above prizes & the best thing is that it will be for 30 days.Also same person has the chance of winning more than once,so why let it go off this oportunity?
                      Like I said just Log-in to warrock & participate.The Winners will be Intimated Via Mail & also the List will be publushed @ the Warrock Forums.Easy Isn't IT?



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