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Saturday, October 16, 2010
I remember the first time I saw this video on youtube & believe me I could not control my laughter.My Brother showed me the video in my laptop & Instantly I was ROFL.Later on the day,I showed it to my parents & my mom just loved this video,although it reduced her to tears due to excessive laughing.The video was completely Shambolic not to mention the acting.On top of that,two foreigners were also seen to dance to the groove giving a cameo appearance although there hardly was any groove.Even funnier was the Tirade these guys had to witness in youtube.The comments ranged from vulgar ones aimed @ their families too,to the rib-ticklers.Its hard to imagine what in the world provoked them to make a video like this.
                                                            Although the inner message of the song is good,it failed to impress the masses.I do hope that they do not release any other album as probably the feedback obtained would be detrimental enough for them to make any more.The dance moves were unbearable.I really don't understand how the foreigners agreed to do this video.They would have probably become the laughing stock in their locality if anyone saw that video.
                                         You probably would be eager to know about the people behind this album.They inlcude:
  • Direction,Singing,Lyricist & Music: Hari Sankar Kalavoor
  • Producer: Baby DOLL Musics 
  • Editor : Hari K S 
  • Camera : Reji V Kumar
                                                   In case you wanna have the lyrics of the song,feel free to ping me & I shall get back to you.Till then SilSila Hai SilSila SilSila Hai SilSila



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