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Sunday, October 17, 2010
Cyber Xp is probably the fastest version of Xp till date.Belonging to the Service Pack 3 version,it occupies a mere 80/90 Mb of your Ram there by maximizing your Performance output.This is probably the best Operating System suited for Pc Gameplay.This version is already Splitstreamed & doesn't require any activation keys or anything.Its completely up-datable,so you need not bother upon the Microsoft WGA page.The features of this packcan be summarized below:
  • Over 60 Registry Tweaks which has the made the Os relatively faster.
  • Supports almost all Sata/Raid Drivers.
  • No Activation key or Serial Needed.Fully Update-able.Vista Looks with a Myriad of stylish Themes.
  • Driver Packs Included: Chipset,Lan,Wlan,Mass Storage,Cpu
  • Programs Removed: MSN,Windows Tour,ValueAdd,Dotnet Fix.
  • HotFixes Included: KB936782,KB954154,KB938464,KB941569,KB942763,KB946648,
    KB949269,KB950760,KB950762,KB951066, KB951376,KB951698,KB951748,KB952954
    ,KB953839,KB953979 and many more.
  • Programs Included:AIO Net. Framework Pack,Adobe Flash AIO,Google Chrome,Foxit Reader 2.3.3309,Nero Micro,NNS Genuine 2.5,Notepad+ 4.92,Firefox 3.0.6,VLC 0.9.2,Internet Explorer 7,Windows Media Player 11,WinRAR 3.71,Reapers CPUZ 1.48,Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.
  • Optional Programs: Windows Live Messenger 8.5,Internet Download Manager 5.16,Mozilla Firefox 3.7,Yahoo Messenger 9,Java 6,Ultra ISO 9.3,WinRAR 3.70 Corporate,Flash Player 10,Kels CPLBonus 9.2.6,TrueTransparency,Vista Drive Icon,Theme Collection,Cursor Collection,RocketDock 1.3,Patch for Delete Old Wallpapers.
  • Add On's Included:Internet explorer 7 Final,Windows Media Player 11,Vista RTM Boot screen,Custom Backgrounds,Vista User Accounts pictures,Vista Aero Cursors,Tweaks,CyberXP Theme . 
Download Links:(Available in FileServe,HotFile & DepositFile)
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