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Sunday, October 17, 2010
Resident Evil hits Warrock.Warrock in its last updated added a new Zombie mode Gameplay where you along with your buddies have to withstand the hoards of Zombies which try to rip you apart.You just can go all guns blazing in this game coz you would have killed even before you would have reloaded.So what is the best strategy to play this game?I have made my compilations so take a look @ them:
  • Assault is probably the Best branch followed by Heavy & then the Medic.If you have m60 or m249 then you are practically indestructible.
  • Grenades are your best Arsenal.They can take down multiple Zombies in an instant.Don't waste it.Especially after Wave 10,the 11th wave is kinda tough and chances are that you will run out of ammo.You can't get to the Weapon stock.So this will come handy.
  • Never get cornered.And be very careful while entering the Operation Room,you will probably wont come alive out of the room if you are going alone.Better team up if you are going inside that room.
  • Don't take refuge at the Ammo stock as probably you are vulnerable to attack.The best strategy is to Shoot & Run and keep shooting till the last bullet.Even a single bullet can save your life.
  • While shooting the Heavy,keep shooting @ its head.Might take a round or two to dispose him
  • Don't just shoot.Look around you while you are shooting.Zombie's can creep up behind you and kill you.
  • Two heads are always better than one.If you belong to Milla Jovovich Category then it would take a miracle to make you go through the 11th Wave.
  • Don't get surrounded.Probably you will be just shooting your partner rather than the Zombie.Your partner who is invulnerable to your bullets,will probably die due to the Zombie attack.And the only way to revive him is by surviving the remaining attack.
  • Dont be stupid enough to use flash.They wont work against the Zombies.I was literally laughing when I saw people using those against them.
  • Shooting the Boss will be one hell of a job.Taking care of him alone is next to impossible.So team up with your buddies and you probably will finish him.This is when we regret of not having the revered M60 & M249 or the Drum G36.
  • Team work works here.This ain't the one man army style game where you can kill all ya'll like Rambo.If you are planning to camp and shoot then the aisle on top of the Operation room is probably the best.Don't block your team,give them room to shoot else ammo will be lost.
                                                                       Well I guess thats more than enough.If you can make it past the lvl 15,then you have mastered the fundamentals.From there on,its on you to survive till the end to call it a day.Think you can?



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