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Sunday, October 17, 2010
There is no Irctc Beta anymore,Its just plain old Irctc .Irctc withdrew its beta version last week probably to reduce the load @ its servers during the Festival seasons or while booking for the Tatkal service.But this created more issues than solving the ones in existence.The scripts available are not working anymore as Irctc is changing its features then and there & the issues seem to be  anything but fixed.The irritating thing about Tatkal reservation is that only Irctc has the rights to book tatkal tickets till 9 A.M.Sites like thomas cook & Make my trip allows Tatkal booking only after 9 A.M & by that time,the Tatkal tickets would have entered the waiting list category.
                                                                           This is the same old story which yet seems to be far away from being fixed.There is no point in relying on Irctc to fix the issue.Better stand in the queue and book tickets in the conventional way,unless Ajax scripters find another greasemonekey fix which can overcome these technical issues.


sk said...

No kidding ! And here I was extolling the virtues of the beta, expecting it of course to be the baseline from which irctc would get even better.

O well! Its back to using my own travel planning website bharatbyrail.com. I built it out of frustration with irctc and always hoped it would become obsolete when they caught up. Looks like its still got some legs then !

At my website you just enter the cities you are travelling between, state the date and time range and it gives you the best trains, allows ample time for connections and finds routes between nearby stations not just the one you explicitly specify. Armed with these train numbers and times, you can go to IRCTC and make the booking.

Its totally free and ad-free of course.


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