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Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Must say that I'm pretty impressed with the new map.Add's a Resident Evil touch to the game & the Overall review of this new map has been positive.Though it can get monotonous @ times,when playing with your buddies,its quite fun.I was able to reach upto wave 16 while playing solo & it seems impossible to go beyond that Level.I was equipped with Famas,M60(Retail)& M249 and still was running out of AMmo,so If you are planning to finish all the ZOmbie Wave,then better pair up.Solo act aint gonna help.
                                                                   The Dinars you will earn this map are also higher than what you can get in the normal Cqc or BG maps,so in case you are low on DInars,better play this map.In case you want help in clearing the first levels or you are finding it tough use my guide here.Feel Free to play this new map and there are rumors that they have already started working on releasing newer maps for this mode in the Upcoming months.



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