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Friday, December 22, 2006
I will be waiting for you no matter

how long it takes for you to come around,

 i will wait no matter how painful the time spent apart;

 i will wait for you. no matter how long it goes by that

we dont talk i will wait for you, i have been waiting and

will continue to wait for you, i miss you and love you so much,

 i need you and i want you.

coz until the last breath leaves my body i will wait for you.

 but it  seems like yesterday when I said 'I do'
And after all this time my heart still burns for you

Oh, yeah
You’re my safest place to hide


Bala said...

Hey Sunil, really kool da... really nice... i swear... anyways, god has answered all your waits rite?

Phoenix said...

COOL. GOOD.. GREAT.. hope yours succeeds.... Dakkalti.

Uptowngirl said...

Love the heart that hurt you,never you hurt the heart that love you. By the way that one is fabulous.


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