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Friday, July 16, 2010

Better Dayz(2CDs):This is fourth Posthumously released album of the Slain Rap star Tupac Shakur,released as a double Album.Released on November 26th 2002,this album made 5th spot @ the Billboard 200.Since then, it has sold 3 million copies.It eventually went on to be certified 3x Platinum with almost no promotion. The track "Ghetto Star" has appeared on the soundtrack to the video game 25 To LifeThis album consists of a collection of unreleased material and remixed songs from Tupac's "Makaveli" period while signed to Death Row Records, and was produced by Johnny "J", Jazze Pha, Frank Nitty, and E.D.I. of Outlawz. Tracks include "My Block (remix)," "When We Ride on Our Enemies," "Catchin' Feelins" and "Never Call U Bitch Again". It features 27 unreleased recordings including remixes from the period of 1995-1996 along with some of Shakur's input for the album before his fatal shooting with appearances by Nas, Outlawz, Mýa, Jazze Pha, Ron Isley, and Tyrese, among others
About Tupac:
Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996),also known as 2Pac,Pac & also Makaveli was an American Artist who was a rapper,actor & also a producer.He has sold over more than 75 Million Albums worldwide making him  best-selling music artists in the world and was ranked @ 86 as the greatest Artists of all time.He was killed on September 13,1996 in a Drive by shooting that occurred in the Las Vegas Strip as he was heading for Club 662 for a performance,which was never gonna happen. 
Disc 1
1. "Intro"
2. "Still Ballin' [Nitty Remix]"
3. "When We Ride On Our Enemies [Briss Remix]"
4. "Changed Man [Jazze Pha Remix]"
5. "~Censored~ 'Em All"
6. "Never B Peace [Nitty Remix]"
7. "Mama's Just a Little Girl [KP Remix]"
8. "Street Fame [Briss Remix]"
9. "Whatcha Gonna Do"
10. "F Xchange [Jazze Pha Remix]"
11. "Late Night"
12. "Ghetto Star"
13. "Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)"
Disc 2
1. "My Block [Nitty Remix]"
2. "Thugz Mansion [7 Remix]" (featuring Anthony Hamilton)
3. "Never Call U Bitch Again" (featuring Tyrese)
4. "Better Dayz" (featuring Mr. Biggs)
5. "U Can Call [Jazze Pha Remix]" (featuring Jazze Pha)
6. "Military Minds" (featuring Buckshot & Cocoa Brovaz)
7. "Fame" (featuring The Outlawz)
8. "F Xchange [Mya Remix]" (featuring Mya)
9. "Catchin' Feelings"
10. "There U Go" (featuring The Outlawz & Big Syke)
11. "This Life I Lead" (featuring The Outlawz)
12. "Who Do U Believe In"
13. "They Don't Give a ~Censored~ About Us" (featuring The Outlawz)
14. "[Untitled Hidden Track]"

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