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Monday, July 5, 2010
Ever wanted your blog to have a professional website look with tabs like About Me,Contact Us etc?Now,Blogger has added those features  into your blog.These things are a piece of cake and the final result(Although may vary as per requirement) will look like this.
How to set this Up:
                                     Login to your blogger from here.Once in you need to tick the checkbox which says Make Blogger in Draft my default Dashboard.
                                                          Once inside head over to Postings tab>>Edit Pages>>then click on new page as shown in the picture:
                                                             Then give the appropriate title and write what ever you wanted to appear in your About Me page or which ever you feel appropriate.Remember you can make upto 10 pages and make sure you will appropriate title. After entering the contents then click on Publish page button . It will take you to a new page. If this is the first time you are using this feature,then blogger will automatically ask you where you wish to place the Pages gadget.There are three options available for you:
1)Blog Sidebar: To be added in the sidebar.
2)Blog Title tabs: Just below the header or above it .
3)Manually add them(Definitely not an option for novice bloggers).But incase you are having troubles and need my help i am glad to be of some use.I have also covered on how to add the link pages manually.You can find it here here
So that wasnt so difficult now was it?Now enjoy the new look of your blog and  keep blogging.



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