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Thursday, July 8, 2010
A few years back,a revolution took place in the blogger domain,where people moved out of the dull label gadget in the blogger page element & moved on to create tag clouds which are way better than the former ones.These clouds are more customizable than the custom labels and it quickly spread like fire in the blogger war.Web 2.0 has to be credited with the advent of tag clouds,which are nothing but hyperlinks which leads a group of collective items.Tags clouds were a part of research conducted by the Web 2.0 people who had this to say :
Tag size: Large tags attract more user attention than small tags (effect influenced by further properties, e.g., number of characters, position, neighboring tags).
Scanning: Users scan rather than read tag clouds.
Centering: Tags in the middle of the cloud attract more user attention than tags near the borders (effect influenced by layout).
Position: The upper left quadrant receives more user attention than the others (Western reading habits).
Exploration: Tag clouds provide suboptimal support when searching for specific tags (if these do not have a very large font size).
                                               Now another revolution took place in blogger with the advent of flash N javascript enabled tag cloud which is not only animated,but also it can follow the mouse pointers motion & is completely operatable.Thus came BLOGUMULUS:The next generation tag clouds.Blogumulus is just the blogger version of and also the davanced version of Roy Tanck's WP Cumulus plugin for Wordpress.Incase you are searching for tutorial on how to add it to your website or blog you can find the tutorial here.I have also covered how to customize them so that you can make them blend in with your site.



Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani