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Saturday, July 10, 2010
Google Books is literally a huge library of ebooks,magazines & documents which are available freely for the public.If you are unable to find a particular ebook or magazine,you should probably take a look @ the Google Books & you might actually find what you are looking for.For instance,during my Gmat preparation,I wasnt able to access pages in an ebook which belonged to Kaplan(Kaplan Intensive Prep).I desperately needed to access those pages & I got a tip-off  from someone that Google Books have certain books on restricted materials or shall i say copyright stuffs.But you just cant download it from there easily.You need to download Google Book Downloader,a freeware program developed by Codeplex.This is a very handy tool using which you can connect to the google server & directly download the file N save them as PDF.Now lets see how to make it work:
1)This software requires Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1(Download from here)
2)Install the Google Book Downloader.
3)First search for your book in the Google Books .
4)Now copy the web address of your book :(check the arrow)
 You can see that you have access to so many pags here.There is really no page not downloaded problem here.Paste this link in the google book downloader & by going to File>>Add Book.Then click on Search.Now if you want to specify any server you can do so.But i prefer U.S server.Now it will take over the download & all you need to do is click on the Queue button.Now this might take sometime,but PLZ DON'T CLOSE THE GOOGLE BOOK DOWNLOADER UNTILL YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE FILE COMPLETELY.IF YOU DO,THE FILE WILL NOT BE SAVED & IT WILL ALL BE A WASTE.So ill guess that will be all for now.Incase you run into some issues or errors,then feel free to comment.I shall respond to them with promptness.Happy Downloading.


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