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Saturday, July 3, 2010
When is it really available when you need it to?After all the preparations i make to book the ticket for my brother in the morning all i get is SERVICE UNAVAILABLE.It works perfectly before 8 A.M,even at 7:59.But when it strikes 8,it just throws this error.This has been the case for more than atleast 2 years in a row.Recently i came to know that Irctc has released its Beta version which according to Irctc director Subir Agrawal, , business consulting, South Asia Pacific -"IRCTC is one of the busiest e-commerce website in Asia. Due to the high traffic and number of people using the website, IRCTC has launched a new beta version which is much faster access over the older version of IRCTC Online Ticket Booking Engine. The new Beta version launched has much user friendly interface, it has fewer advertisements and graphics used are also attractive."

 You can login to the new beta version of IRCTC site at http://www.irctc.co.in/cgi-bin/beta.dll/irctc/services/home.do. When i tried to log in today in the Beta version all i get is this:
Thanks a lot guys.You guys really rock.You cant even handle the traffic and you put banners and ads to publicize as if you were doing great favors for the customers.Irctc employs thousands of agents every month and they dont even care about fixing this problem.Either they make double or tripple transactions and when it comes to refunding the amount they wont even respond or worst will never get back to you.So many customers have complained against them in the consumer court /grievance cell and all the government does is play the blame-game.Even though Thomas Cook is also another website which allows booking,I have never been able to cross the payment gateway.If Irctc is reading this please try to rectify this situation.Not only you are charging excess for the online payment but also your giving us the most disgusting service ever provided.And you claim INDIAN RAILWAYS to be the most profitable organization.No wonder its true.If you keep cheating like this and ensure that monopoly in railway industry is perennial then you are destined for greatness. 



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