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Saturday, July 10, 2010
Ever heard of an octopus who can predict the outcome of a football game?Meet Paul,a common Octopus(Octopus vulgaris),living at Sea Life Center,a commercial attraction in Oberhausen,Germany.Its being used as an Oracle in predicting the outcome of fifa matches feturing Germany.Before the match,Paul is presented with food in two boxes.Each box is marked with the flag of the contesting teams and the team he chooses is predicted to be the winner.As a matter of fact out of 12 predicts ,10 of them were correct.So is it a mere coincidence or he is the Nostradamus of Football?He has predicted the correct box in many occasions in matches featuring Germany in almost all of the Euro 2008 & their preliminary matches in World cup 2010.Currently he has predicted Spain to lift the Worldcup in their final encounter with Netherlands on July 11.He displayed it by preferring the mussel in the box marked with Spanish flag over Nether's.
                                  Sea Life's Director ,Daniel Fey,had commented that Paul had exhibited intelligence in his early life.He was first used as an Oracle during the UEFA Euro 2008 making successful predictions for 4 out of 6 matches.Recently he has come into Spotlight for his predictions and is bestowed with celebrity status.A lot of criticisms have emerged,with a many biologists giving pragmatic explanations from the ability to distinguish color to taste receptors to chemical catalysts.You can take a look all his predictions for this Worldcup below:    
  So right now all eyes are on the Final outcome of the Spain vs Netherland match,where Paul has predicted Spain to take home the glory cup.Will his Prophecy come to true?Is he really an Oracle or is it just coincidence?What do you people feel?Lets talk about it shall we?


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