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Monday, July 12, 2010

Indeed!He is now to be known as the Nostradamus of Football.His prediction of Spain lifting the glory cup came true.Eventhough the match turned out to a trivial performance from both the sides,with just a few notable swift attacks,Spain was the better side with more possession & more shots @ the back of the net.The match extended to extra-time & finally just a few mere minutes before sudden death,came the death blow to the La Oranje.Well tried guys but you just couldn't withstand the Spanish Armada.Now definitely Paul is gonna be the Oracle who will be rendering his services again.Currently being given a celebrity status,he is definitely gonna be the show stopper for this world cup eclipsing Wavin Flag N Waka Waka.Lets see what the German media is gonna cover about Paul tomorrow.I am surely hoping that he will continue to get all the accolades N admiration he deserves.Call it FLuke or scientifically speaking lets say intelligence ( memory oriented color recognition & ability to taste N fel things),there are a few things which Science Jus canT explain.And he is one ofthem.Biologists don even  think about getting close to him N conduct experiments.You can never lay ur hands on him now.He is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond your reaches.And chefs please take him off your menu.
                                                                  When I heard of him the first time,I too just considered it to be a mere coincidence.But this is different.Having a hit rate of 90% is just amazing.Bookies can learn a few things from him N make afew extra bucks.Jus Jokin!Now I really wanna go there are take his picture &keep it with me as a souvenir.So guys its all over.I was really looking forward of the Germans to win the title,but ah well,you just cant everythin in your life.Good try La Oranje.Maintaining an unbeaten streak till the final is Extra-ordinary.And as for Spain,I guess luck is always on their side.Always winning a match with a margin of 1-0.Come On!show some aggressive football.Well lets see who is gonna win the next world cup.Its a long way to go.Who do you think is gonna lift the cup?Post your comments & lets try to be PAUL.



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