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Monday, July 12, 2010
A lot of people are facing this difficulty of not being able to stretch their images beyond their size as the text overflows the background image.Extending the image using the height & width options can lead to problems.The reason this doesn't work is because the more you increase the width N height of an image the more blurry the image gets.Not to mention if you set a height & width parameter of 100% then the entire image will be displayed but if the length of the post  is  very big,then the image will end abruptly & thus you will see your text coming  out of the background & will be displayed with a white background.Don worry there is a fix for this.Thanks to Css all you need to do specify the image as a background image using the url option and then give repeat-y.This will repeat the image for an infinite time ,well atleast till your post ends.If you have a a mile of lines or tones of this,the image will repeat itself & will keep doing it till the EOF.The syntax will look like this:
background:url(the link)repeat-y;
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