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Monday, July 5, 2010
There are a large number of adsense templates which are freely available in the Web,They are pre-optimized,so all you gotta do is to just upload them into your blog and apply the adsense at the ad places provided.Ill have shortlisted a few templates which really standout from the rest.I dunno who the real creators of the templates are but i have to admit they did one one hell of a job.Here are my favourites:
1)Blue Adsense template: The one I currently use .I found this one the most appropriate for adsense text placements and is very user friendly and the ads merge beautifully with the background.This template has the maximum ad exposure and pretty good CTR.With maximum ad exposure you are likely to earn a few bucks with this.
For the left side blue adsense use the background color:#e1ecfe

  2)Bloggerized Adsense Template:This is another high CTR generating template with pretty good .There are 3 prominent areas where you can put your main ads-One below header(preferably a half banner),one on the right side(A large rectangle ) and finally a long vertical wide one on the right side.The text ads can be added into the sidebar.

Demo! Download
3)Auto Mobile Adsense Template:This is another classy template where you have more freedom to play with the ads in the main content and has only a single column with a custom adsense vertical banner slot.You can also put ads in the header,another advantage in this template.
Demo ! Download
4)Adsense Ready Xml Blogger Template V1: This is another 3 column blogger and a pretty good one too.This template has a top 728 x 15 link unit with a 725 x 90 leader board on the header.This template has more adsense slots on the left and can be easily customized.
Demo ! Download
5) Adsense Ready Xml Blogger Template V2: This is similar to the previous one with a few minor changes in the ad placement.This template comes with a 3 column setting,fixed width and ad placements in the header,below it,and more on to the left side.Its practically almost same as V1.
Demo(NA) ! Download 
6)Adsense Blogger Template: As it is called its a beautiful template padded up with 3 columns and a customizable header.With white and gray colour combination, one can easily configure the ads to blend with the template and maximize online revenue from Blogger blogs. Can be converted into a 2 column template by using the widgets.                                           
Demo ! Download
                                                               I guess you might find these blogger templates pretty interesting and very attractive.Have fun playing with them!!!!!!!!!



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