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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
After Senthil's much acclaimed comes a new greasemonkey script for online Irctc users which can ease the ticket booking dilemma once & for all.The script is so beautiful that,there is no need for you to even type a single word.Everything will be taken care by the script itself.Thanks to Varun,this script comes along with a few additional features which includes:
  • Single GUI displaying details from train travel to passenger details.
  • Automated Login Management,which ensures that you needn't retype the password again.
  • Automated availibilty script just like the one made by senthil.
  • Auto filling of train details in the Plan my Travel and the Quick Book  page.
  •  Auto filling of passenger details in the Ticket booking as well as Quick Book page.
  • A session Management script which makes sure your session remains active.07:30 AM to 08:00 AM for Tatkal booking.
For Those of you who are interested you may get the script from here.Make sure you have Greasemonkey addon in your Mozilla.This works only for Firefox.


Anonymous said...

How to use automated script

Sunny said...

Hello Sunil,

Can you please re-upload this script? It has been removed from the original source.

Thanks in advance.


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