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Thursday, August 19, 2010
I used to love playing this game.Apart from the Minor Stuttering Issues and Bugs,this game was a serious competitor for Counter Strike & Battlefield with more and more people joining Warrock over the other two.Dowload.net also claimed Warrock to be the mostly Widely downloaded MMORPG game week.But all that glitters are not gold.I started loosing Interest in the Game.Why?:Hackers,thats right.I was getting frustrated with people using hacks to improve their KD ratio.Guess they don't have the guts N skills to confront even a novice player without hacks.
                                                                         I was perfectly fine with players using charms or similar hacks,but it was the VIP hackers who were really pissing me out.So many of them in the Indian Server.Now when I logged into Warrock after a break of more than a year,the India server was merged with others and it was displayed Eastern Server.When I logged in,I could meet a couple of my old pals,exchanged a few pleasantries and then I noticed that each and every single player was hacking(I saw them running @ a spot in their base and when I snipe them,they die eventually killing 2 other ppl who were just spawning in my base.Inorder to verify whether they were hacking,I used a basic charm to see,if they were responding to my location changes and to my horror I was they were literally moving with me,following my every step.Every Single player was hacking,I logged off from the game and decided that I can never play this game as I dont wanna use hacks in my 45 lvl Id,but I made a point that I am gonna distribute the hacks free of charge as I want others to nail those F**** who are and will ruin this game ,if allowed.So feel free to download the hacks posted by me and I hope that you can have a better experience than what i had.Anyway Good Bye Warrock!!!!


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