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Sunday, August 22, 2010

This has been the same old story.One fine day Caffeine starts Indexing your pages as if its Ass is on fire and all of a sudden without any warning,it just abandons you,leaving you high & dry.So many people have been frustrated with such this abnormal behavior of Google's Indexing services that there seems to be no rational explanation behind this.One day I find my Blog post @ top spot & then the very next day,I find it pushed a few pages back.Then one find,Google just De-Indexes all your pages & some restrictions can be found in the robots.txt.
                                                   I kinda feel that Google employs a completely different style of Indexing.My hunch is that Google actually Indexes a post probably with a Real Time Delay of half an hour.Then depending upon the quality backlinks your site gets and also relevance to the Keywords,Google pushes your blog up the ladder.Now when it feels that your posts are not getting quality PR's or is currently degrading,then it begins to De-Index your blogs and one fine day, you may notice that it has stopped Indexing your site altogether.We cannot expect any help from the Giant as they are busy with their Sky Rocketing Ad sales & to everyones dismay,this issue seems to be anything but fixed.Infact I have tried everything from Publicizing my blog in Social Domains,made some SEO alterations(keyword selections etc),still no avail.
                                                                            Used to be a time when Google was Indexing my blog in 9.4 Seconds.Wow!That's pretty fast rite?Dunno what happened to it.Its been acting rather strange lately,and its fickle mindedness is actually a disaster for the Advertisers who are already experiencing drastic falls in their Adsense revenues & traffic due to Caffeine's architectural structure.Good times ahead for bloggers I guess.Now I am wondering how to get Google to Index my Blogs @ Ultra speeds like it used to.No point in submitting your Sitemaps to Google Webmasters.Actually I heard a story that its better not to submit your sitemaps.Instead its always advisable to utilize the Social domains like DIGG,Technorati N Facebook to promote your blog as you will be getting not only quality traffic,but also a few potential Adsense CLicks.
                                                                            Well time to wind up for the day.To be honest I am kind of disappointed right now.I just hope that some sort of a miracle happens which can turn around my fortune and i can roll back with a BANG!!!!



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