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Monday, August 23, 2010
Man!!Dunno whether they are trying to fix their already open issues,but on the contrary they are including more N more errors with every passing day.First the Service Unavailable,then its the page not found alias 404 error and today I came across a weird error:No router available from the other End.As a result of that I wasn't able to book any tickets for about 3 hours.Already no one is happy with their traffic handling which has been in a shambolic mess,now they have included an image verification,which not only slows the ticket booking process,but also sometimes doesn't load and we are FORCED to begin the process all over again.
                                         To add to our woes,the other railway booking sites are prohibited from providing tatkal feature.The ones which allow,for instance Thomascook,we can utilize the tatkal feature only after 9 A.M.By that time,most of the tickets would have been sold out by then.Maybe the online users have a slight advantage over the ones who have to stand in the long queues to book their tickets as they can do it almost instantly,it doesn't give Irctc to annoy the online booking users.Either increase the frequency of trains or come up with a better technique so that both of them can be satisfied!


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