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Sunday, August 15, 2010
People who are upgrading their system from Windows xp to Windows 7 are experiencing a lot of issues when they are trying to install it from a flash drive.The reason is because the commonly used method of installing using the Diskpart will fail to detect your Usb Drive.The reason is this method will work if and only if you are installing Windows 7 from an Os itself is Windows 7.Not to mention there is a myriad of other alternative approaches which can help you providing you the best alternatives.But these methods are either tedious or on pivotal cases can result in more problems(Like the Installation stops halfway through etc).Now as per me the most convenient way of Installation is by using the WintoFlash Utility,which is a freeware that can be downloaded from here.
                                                                The process is automated and you just need to specify the location where the Setup files(Containing the Windows FIles) are stored and it will do the rest by itself.No more select Disk or clean or partition hassle.The entire process takes about 15 minutes so go and have your cup of coffee while the setup is being loaded.All you need to do for Installation is change your boot preferences in the Bios mode.The Created Image IS BOOTABLE.SO NO NEED TO ADD ANY BOOTMGR or associated files.Its automatically taken care of.Incase you have any issues on Installation or any other Issue feel free to Holla @ Me.I shall be Obliged to be of any service!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guidance. I followed all the steps and it worked out well. Thanks.

Sunil Bhaskar said...

You are Welcome Bro!!Glad to be Of help

Matthew said...

Having a problem, was wondering if you could shed some light on it for me please.

Set up the USB stick as described and it installs Windows 7, at least it appears to... I select area being UK and English etc.... I then go through some other bits and all seems to b e going well, it then goes into restart and then does exactly that, it does a was/repeat cycle and I ended up getting to the select English and full custom install 4 times in a row... How do I get out of this cycle?


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