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Friday, October 15, 2010
This method is not limited only to Mediafire,so you use this to find other hosting services too.Now the biggest problem with Google is that it loves JUNK OR SPAM.So sometimes you will land @ places which have practically no connection with your Search query but may be because of Keywords.What you need to do is that if you are looking for a game,lets say you are looking for Mafia 2 Mediafire links,then your search query would be "mafia2 Mediafire".Instead your search query should be "Mafia 2 MF",where Mf is the abbreviation for MediaFire.For Rapidshare its RS,MU for MegaUpload,FS for FileServe etc.Although this is not officially confirmed,but it seems that Caffeine is Indexing links faster with these kinds of Abbreviations and the queries returned have a better hit rate than using the Expanded form.I am just giving you my suggestion which worked for Me.What do you think?



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