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Sunday, October 10, 2010
After one year I tried this game and I gotta agree its an awesome game with excellent storyline and gripping atmosphere which glues you to your seat.But even with a high end pc I was not able to find any fix for the ridiculous stutter in the game,which never ceases to stop.It was really a pain in the ass for such an atmospheric compelling game which fails to utilize the multi-cores(Uses only 40% of the CPU).The only temporary fix available for this is to disable your hardware Physx which gives an average frame rate of around 40 fps compared to 20 ~25 with Physx.I had given up hope for the Devs to fix this issue and had to play this masterpiece loaded with such anomalies.I really wonder how these bugs of utmost importance escaped their testing phase and hit the markets.


Anonymous said...

ok where is the download?


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