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Sunday, October 10, 2010
You would have searched it in the internet for but to no avail.Most people would have told you that you cannot use Wespro Camcorder as a webcam,but the truth is you can.All you need to do is switch on your Wespro,go to its settings and then comes the tricky part.You need to go down the options where you can see an option called USB mode.Here you may need to select PC-CAM instead of MSDC(Default is MSDC).Unless you change this you cannot install the Wespro as a Webcam.Now you enjoy a 8 Mega Pixel Webcam.This facility is not present in Nikon or other branded ones,but its actually a good feature built inside this reasonably cheap and reliable Camcorder.Incase you want its driver software or manuals,do let me know.Enjoy Chatting!!! 


Anonymous said...

hello it would be great help if you can provide driver for wespro dv528, as my cd is broken, i am not able to find it anywhere on internet thanks in advance,


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