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Friday, October 15, 2010

McGraw Hill Professionals have been the ones who have pioneered the art of GMAT preparation.As you prepare to take the GMAT, McGraw-Hill’s GMAT is an ideal place to start.In order to achieve high score,you need to:
  • Understand how the computer-based GMAT is designed and how the test will conform to your specific skill levels
  •  Understand the format of the verbal section questions and the types of analytical problems you will need to solve
  •  Understand the math concepts that you will need to know to perform well on the analytical sections
  •  Understand the structure of the writing assessment instrument and how you will be graded
This book addresses all these queries and also provides a strong bastion where you can enhance your GMAT preparation to the fullest.This book will help you
develop two different strategies: first, a strategy of preparation for the days, weeks, or months
before you take the test; and second, a strategy of execution for when you walk into the testing
center and sit down at the keyboard.Books Included in the Download are:

  • McGraw Hills GMAT 2008
  • McGraw Hills GMAT 2009
  • McGraw Hills GMAT  2010
  • McGraw Hills GMAT  2011
  • McGraw Hills GMAT  Conquering the Verbal & Writing
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