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Monday, October 11, 2010
I was pretty much disappointed with Resident Evil Afterlife not because of the plot or the amazing 3D action sequence,but due to the lackluster role of Albert Wesker.As we all know  that Resident Evil 5 game  was probably the best Pc game in the Resident Evil series and I gotta admit that Albert Wesker was AMAZING in that game.He completely shadowed the role of the Chris  Redfield & his side kick.His powers were spectacular and so was the ingame cut scenes(best feature was the key oriented Ingame scenes) and my favourite scene was the scene when they crash land in the volcano.Here the fight between Wesker & Chris looks absolutely pathetic(compared to the ones in the game) and also Weskers Reflexes in the game looks below average on par with the game.
                                                                              Milla was beautiful as usual and have to admit the 3D sequences accompanied with the heavy metal music created a beautiful belligerent atmosphere throughout the entire movie.The executioner fighting scene(Involving Alice & Claire) was probably above average.I found the executioner pretty funny than being horrendous.The plot picked up from where it left off,although it was kind of evident in the beginning itself that Wesker would probably be inside Arcadia.Also a few of the stunts performed by Alice(After loosing her reflexes) seemed to be nothing but possible under the circumstances that she was back to the Human condition,especially the roll and land @ 100 mph after blowing the correctional facility .
                                                                                I really thought that Wesker could up a better fight and I really do hope that We will see the return of Albert Wesker,more powerful and strong as ever,filled with Vengeance and unleash hell on Alice,Claire & Chris.I thought I was a parachute coming down when Wesker's heli exploded and probably he landed amidst the zombies I guess.Anyway I am hoping for his return and think that the Franchise people will give more importance to Wesker's role  this time around.



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