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Saturday, December 11, 2010
Presenting you SiroSix Powerleveling hack for CQC warrock mode where you can make 254 EXP per minute which means 15000 EXP every hour.Armed with features like GM Warning,auto 9 wins,all you need to do is enable the hack,set the game resolution to 1024 * 768(Best support) and go to sleep.The speciality of the hack is for powerleveling in CQC involving planting & diffusing of Bombs.For maximum EXP take the NIU as you get experience for diffusing the bomb(Around 1000 EXP).
                      Needs two players to use this Powerlevling hack-One Derban & one NIU(Preferably you).
                             Create a closed room with your buddy Go to the bomb location & then press F9 to save the location,then press F10 and then you will be teleported there automatically.Use F7 or F8 keys to enable Auto Start On/Off.After doing this you can just go afk & sit back n watch the fun

  • F9- Save Position(For Teleport)
  • F10-Teleport Always Enabled( On/Off)
  • F8- AutoF( On/ Off)             
  • F7-Auto Start/Ready ( On/Off)
  • Auto Start/Ready
  • Auto 9Wins (Automatic on, F6 On/Off)
  • Auto F
  • Platinum Premium(Visual Only)
  • GM Warning Crash(Always Enabled)
Virus Total: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
Download: SiroSix Public Leveling hack V2.4



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