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Thursday, December 16, 2010
If you get a new broadband & the servive provider guarantees you 100% no download restriction make sure you ask him if there is any download limit after which your speed will be reduced while your downloads will be unlimited.Shocked?Me too!An Infosyian friend of mine had the shock of her life when she received a message from the Airtel customer care saying that as per the "FUP" Fair Usage Policy,for existing airtel users when you cross the 20 GB download limit your download speed will be reduced to 1/4 th of what it was.Her download speed used to be around 130KBps now its a meagre 32KBps.So please please ask him these 2 following questions while going for a broadband connections:
  • Is there any upper download limit?
  • If there is no upper download limit,is there is any limit over which the download speed will be reduced.
Please ask these 2 questions without fail or it will be waste of your money & resources.



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