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Monday, December 13, 2010
My Bsnl Broadband was getting disconencted once in every 5-10 minutes during the night & once every 30-40 minutes during the day.I searched and searched but i couldn find a solution to it(even tried to check my SNR & Attentuation ratio) which were absolutely within permissible limits but still the problem persisted.Then I decided to Change a few modem settings & when I changed the Modem Modulation from 

Steps to Follow:
  • First go to your Modem/Router settings.By default is .Here the default Username & Password Both are "admin"(Without Quotes")
  • Now go to the Setup Tab& Click on Modem Setup as Indicated below:
  • Now in the Modulation menu,select the GDMT modulation.By default its MMODE(except T1.413).Now Select the GDMT radio button & click apply.You may need to restart your modem for the changes to take effect & you may kiss your disconnection problem GOODBYE!



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