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Thursday, December 9, 2010
Does the name Julian Assange strike something in your head?Thats right,the guy behind bars for revealing incriminating facts about many nations(especially Us n the Middle East).Many see his arrest as an infringe into the rights of Media & it is believed that the CIA has succeeded in HoneyTrapping him into multiple Rape charges which inevitably led to his imminent arrest.As a consequence,Hackers launched their Tirade by attacking MasterCard N Visa sites,forcing it online as an outrage against his arrest(although many condemn his arrest).Now for the first time his underground bunker which is the WikiLeak bunker was revealed which really blew my mind away.Although One USB drive was enough for Juliane to save all his sacred data,I was shocked to see Rows N Rows of Servers which made me wonder that he was really Paranoid with the CIA breathing on his back.Now for the first time take a look @ his secret niche which has all the evidence to expose the Double standards of U.S and many more countries:

I was literally blown away when I saw these pics.Resembles like Fallout 3(Pc Game) where people are living inside underground Bunkers called Vault which are self life-supporting with all the basic amenities for Eons to come.If a man like Juliane is capable of making such grandiose underground bunker,then what about the controversy that Russia has built a city below the Mountains?Gives me the creeps.



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