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Monday, December 13, 2010

Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Step By Step CD Package with Practice Files
This book gives you an insight into the vital tools N techniques for Visual basic 2010 programmer one @ a time.Its not relevant whether you are a rookie or an expert as you will find immense practical guidelines & myriads of examples which will provide you the foundations of building higher end professional Window applications & alo Web Apps.
  • How to use Visual Studio 2010 IDE to the fullest abilities.
  • Master eseential techniques from Data managing and variable to Inheritence.
  • Create Professional looking Windows & Web applications with Visual effects & Print support.
  • Use the extensive feature of ADO.net & other advanced data presentation controls.
  • Become a full-fledged Debugger & handle Runtime errors.
  • Incorporate the unique features of Query Builder,& .Net Framework in your applications.
Table Of Contents: Click Here
This Download comes with the Practice Files & Start Up Cd.
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