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Friday, December 10, 2010
Operation Payback is a sophisticated coordinated attacks by internet activists or rightfully called Hacktivists in the Internet.It was lauched as a retaliation to the Distributed Denial Of Service(DDOS) on torrent based sites.Recenly DDoS was launched against the bankers who turned against WikiLeaks under immense pressure from United States following the startling revelations incriminating the United States Double Standards which could have lead to an international abomination against the same.

              Operaion Avenge Assange was initiated on December 6th following Assange arrest is currently plaguing leading bank websites like MasterCard,Visa along with other public sites like Amazon & Paypal to name a few.This full fledged attack was implemented with the aid of a modified version of Low Orbit Ion Cannon(LOIC) an application written in C# & licensed by Praetox which enables hackers to coordinate the Operations Remotely which is actually a success till now.Only time will tell how many more sites/bank sites will be forced offline unless either one of them appeals for a compromise.  



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