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Friday, December 10, 2010
Powerleveling in Warrock is considered to be serious offense if discovered not to mention the humiliation especially if you are a high level playa.Fortunately there are a few methods using which you can generate Exp @ exceptional rate using a few Bots 7 Opks.Lets start with the best & go for the rest:
                                      This method will require 2 players to be in the room in a CQC room & preferably take the NIU side if you wanna make some good Xp's.Incase you aren't aware,diffusing a bomb in multi-round match will fetch you 1000 Xp per game when compared with 50 Xp if you plant the bomb as Derban.So if you have the privilege of having a VIP hack with Powerlevel bot then, Enable turn autostart ,9round,plantdefusequick,k2warning & then hit the sack.When you wake up,be amazed at the result.Its a safer method as its less likely that the admin will ban you(your hack will Crash to desktop when admin enters).Make sure the room is password protected.
2)OPK in FFA:
                                Enter an FFA room with 16 players with a hack with OPK feature enabled.Type /ar & then type /ar to make it auto ready.Now for the tricky part,go to the key settings and change the key "4" to spacebar and keep something heavy on it so that its always pressed and in the same way,make the left mouse button pressed till the match is over(using a sticky tape over the left mouse button will also work).If you have VIP HACK,then all you need to do is:Enable Triggerbot, OPK, UnlAmmo, Auto Start, GMWarning, Auto4,Anti AFK,NoBounds,NFD. And go sleep.

P.S: Using SiroSix Dinar bot will only get you Dinars,but it wont help you in powerleveling  as the Exp will be zero.

P.S: If you wanna maximise your chances,then Get Gold Premium along with EXP Boots(25%,20%,30% ).Also I cannot be held accountable incase your Id gets banned.Although the likeliness of ID getting banned is minimal,there is always a risk involved.



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